Fuel Lines

According to the new rules of IMO/Solas al the marine engines must have double walled fuel oil lines. This is done for the fire protection of the ships and staff. Because of these double walled fuel oil lines fuel leakage has been reduced.

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Air coolers

Donker Fuel fabricates and repair charge air coolers for most common engine type from drawing or model. We can make measurements on location if there are no drawings in our data base.

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Plate heat exchangers

Donker Fuel BV repairs and revises plates heat exchangers for ships and industry. We deliver high quality materials only for example packaging and plates.

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Shell & Tube

We can repair and deliver all kinds of tube bundles for shipping and industry’s. we deliver these heat exchangers in all kinds of materials such as Copper alloy’s , steel and Stainless steel. This depends on the usage and more.

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Welcome to Donker Fuel BV

About Us

Donker Fuel bv is founded in 1996, is specialized in the production en repair of high pressure fuel oil lines en heat exchangers for shipping and industry. On the base of a big data base with the specification of each motor type, fixed on a flexible state of mind, we can supply all our products with very sort delivery times with a good price. We have a workshop with 1200 m² with an office of 200 m², situated near by the high way ring of Rotterdam to obtain a good accessibility for our clients and transport companies.

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